Explore the Freeway universe with inspiration from the Freeway team, our amazing FreewayFam community, and video guides that help you make the most of Freeway’s groundbreaking rewards.

The Freeway Founders:
Sadie Hutton

After shaping the original Freeway vision together with her co-founders, Sadie has used her 25+ years of managerial experience to help make it a reality. Listen to Sadie discuss the importance of striking the perfect balance between innovation and execution, and how it has enabled her to turn Freeway’s visionary ideas into real world solutions.

The Freeway Founders:
Graham Doggart

After taking a deep dive into blockchain technology, Graham recognised its potential to transform the financial services industry. He explains how, by looking at things differently together with his co-founders, they saw a way to put people before profit and change the face of finance forever.

The Freeway Founders:
Peter Neilson

While Graham and Sadie are often in front of the camera, behind the scenes Peter has been instrumental to the company’s successful development and growth. Peter shares his entrepreneurial experience and explains how he uses his networking skills to create invaluable business connections for Freeway.

Freeway Superchargers Explained

Ready to earn up to 43% Annual Rewards with Freeway’s groundbreaking Superchargers? Here’s everything you need to know to get started. From holding Freeway’s native utility token, Freeway Token (FWT) to earn maximum rewards from Freeway.

Freeway Token Staking Explained

Everything about Freeway is designed to give you more — and that includes our native utility token, Freeway Token (FWT). Find out how to stake your FWT on Freeway to earn an estimated 15-30% annual rewards, and receive your rewards daily issued in the Supercharger of your choice.